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Project Operations & Asset Management

As a global pioneer in renewable energy, Cannon Power Group continues to set trends when leading projects from the concept phase, to development and construction and through the ongoing demands and challenges of operations and project management. Simply put, Cannon Power Group is committed to delivering quality results from start to finish.

With a team of knowledgeable industry experts, and building on its three decades of experience in project operations, in 2009 Cannon Power Group established Cannon Power Services, LLC as its service and maintenance organization. Cannon Power Services operates both Cannon-owned projects as well as providing operations services to projects owned by third-parties.

Utilizing sophisticated and proprietary performance-based monitoring and predictive maintenance systems, Cannon Power Services has operated the Washington-based Windy Point/Windy Flats wind farm project at availability levels of over 99% consistently exceeding annual budgeted production, making it one of the highest performing and most reliable Siemens projects in the Pacific Northwest.

In order to optimize production and minimize costs, Cannon Power Services utilizes rigorous data analysis to enable early detection and correction of turbine issues to maximize turbine run-time availability. The analysis includes component failure tracking (trend failures) and failure analysis (determining the reason for failure). These techniques help to predict failures before they occur so that maintenance and repairs can be planned during low-wind periods.

Cannon Power Services also implements a regular infrared inspection program of all critical infrastructure and project components to detect early-warning “hotspots”, the use of “thumper” equipment, automated alarm systems and frequent and detailed quality control inspections to ensure its projects remain in optimal operating condition at all times.  In addition, Cannon Power Services maintains an experienced, highly-trained, and well-equipped staff available on a 24/7 basis.

The Cannon organization emphasizes close cooperation between its operations and asset management teams to further optimize project performance and to minimize operating expenses.

For more information about Cannon Power Services, visit: www.cannonpowerservices.com.