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Cannon Power Group Statement on the Bonneville Power Administration Settlement

San Diego, Calif. – Cannon Power Group president and managing director Gary Hardke issued the following statement today to announce the settlement with Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) of federal court litigation relating to so-called “Environmental Redispatch curtailment” that occurred during the spring and summer of 2011 [1]. During that time, BPA ordered Cannon and other wind project owners to curtail generating electricity from their wind projects for periods of time resulting in economic losses to the wind projects, including Cannon’s Windy Flats wind project. 

“The settlement represents a positive step forward in better harmonizing the Pacific Northwest’s abundant wind resources with its hydroelectric system operated by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).”

“This will resolve litigation that began in July 2011, when Cannon Power Group and seven other wind project owners to file suit and challenge BPA’s Oversupply Management Protocol and the associated “Environmental Redispatch” policy in the spring of 2011 that limited wind energy projects in the region from generating the maximum amount of power to off takers throughout the western U.S. With this behind us, Cannon Power Group looks forward to continuing to produce clean renewable energy that generates power for thousands of homes.”

“The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently issued orders approving BPA’s revised Oversupply Management Protocol and its associated cost recovery methodology for 2012 through September 2015; and that stakeholders were continuing to work on possible long-term solutions.”