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Mexico Has Favorable Conditions For The Generation Of Wind, Solar and Biofuels

Mexico should expand its energy proposals through the production capable of combining both, the generation of fossil fuels and alternative energy, said the specialist John Lemmon.

Lemmon is the lead researcher of the Energetic Materials Lab of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, based in the United States. He thinks that the sooner a process of this magnitude starts, the better for the development of Mexico. The specialist explained that Mexico has more than favorable conditions for the generation of wind, solar and biofuels and thus locating Mexico as a highly competitive country in this field.Mr. Lemmon stressed the need to develop technological innovations in order to harness the full potencial of renewable energy. “The sooner Mexico starts the earlier it will have results, as technological innovations take time to generate results”

During his participation in the conference “The future of energy in Mexico” at the “Museo del Mundo Maya” , he noted that “energy is the key engine of growth in the world, which is why there will be an increase in energy consumption by the year 2050, and we need to be able to meet this demand“.But, for this view to be accomplished” he said, it first must be accompanied by three key elements:

  1. A significant reduction in the use of oil/fossil fuels
  2. Become more efficient in generating energy
  3. Reduce CO2 emissions

The researcher explained that it is estimated that in the distribution of electricity in the United States six percent is lost, which has an emission of 200 million tonnes of CO2 per year, this is equivalent to the output of 56 coal plants per year. This number should concern us if we consider that in Mexico this percentage is 17 percent, which is why we need cleaner energy, but also best plants and efficient systems for storing electrical energy.

Mexico has potential generator 5.5 kilowatt-hours per square meter, which can substantially reduce operating costs with solar power generation and distribution through turbines operating with natural gas, Lemmon concluded.